5 Social Media Platforms That Influencers Should Leverage


Nowadays, Influencer marketing and social media make a perfect combination, where social media have more than two billion daily active users. However, social media platforms offer everyone the chance to reach ahead and grab followers with top-quality content. According to the study, influencer marketing is determined to change as a $10 billion industry in 2020. What does this mean to be? Well, it seems to be pulling only a tiny piece of this influence that can earn your income. In recent times, new social media platforms emerge up year after year where you can choose between a couple of options. But some platforms prove to be more efficient than others. Therefore we need to label the five topmost performing social media platforms that influencers should support to leverage.

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Features About Social Media

Social media offers influencers the ideal chance to gain more followers. Even though changing as a powerful influencer, your influencer needs to find the appropriate platform, posting quality content, having a unique pattern, staying regular, and developing relationships. Once an influencer has got a solid follower base, brands might be fascinated by collaborations. A recent study shows that influencer marketing provides a $6.50 gain on investment for each dollar spent. Influencer marketing is an essential key factor for business development, which offers influencers ideal chances. Social media platforms include new features such as introducing new content patterns and developing to lose or raise your audience every year.

How To Choose Social Media Platforms That Influencers Can Leverage?

2021 is changing up to be a massive year for influencers to improve their marketing. The social media ad spend range is increasing, and 65% of marketers scheme to improve their budgets. After growing with several brands and companies, it is the right time for you to spend time on influencer marketing. However, marketers seem to prompt a relevant set of queries. How do you identify the right influencers, post successful campaign content, and estimate your ad campaigns’ ROI? Before replying to any of these questions, marketers should evaluate which social media platforms are perfect for their influencers to leverage their marketing methods. It is more challenging to plan as social media platforms and influencers start to host for continuous growth. Finally, kickstart using Trollishly to enhance your social media platforms where your influencers can leverage your business growth to the peak.

Five Social Media Platforms That Influencers Need To Leverage

1. Facebook

Today, Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform; it is the most frequently used among the audiences. The influencers can reach massive viewers that target more than the platform’s advertising algorithms. Thus, resulting in most of the successful marketing campaigns. However, Facebook motivates users to get likes or share posts and increases visibility over their viewers’ original influencers. It is also the most preferred platform for influencers. A recent survey found that 32% of influencers desire to work on Facebook rather than the next-highest platform like Instagram with 24% users.

Facebook seems to be the most popular social media platform worldwide that has got 2.4 billion active users. However, the hidden secret of Facebook influences the market’s outcomes based on the convertible results as the social media platform is perfect for every content type. In simple words, creative influencers can change content and enhance a fan base with a wide range of tips and tricks. A recent report says that Facebook has approximately got two billion active users, where it increases to reach out using influencers with massive reach. Moreover, audiences use Facebook to entertain and educate, to connect, interact and also play games.

According to another study, every user spends at least 35 minutes on Facebook every day. Therefore it provides a higher engagement rate. Facebook serves as a perfect platform for advertising methods like a giveaway contest by influencers. For instance, Ziera footwear made it a successful factor with their Unstoppable Women campaign, fashion influencers like Katherine Saab of Stylendipity. She presented the competition on her blogs and advertised it through a Facebook page. Anyways, influencer marketing is much more profitable for brands who know about their target audiences.

2. YouTube

Apart from videos of cat and gaming tutorials, YouTube is an excellent marketplace for influencers and brands that utilize them to increase exposure. The video format permits influencers to bring much more details about your business brand or product than any other social media post could probably work. This fact offers YouTube influencers the potential to increase brand awareness and push sales for your products relevantly. YouTube videos can sustain similarly and accessible for months or after years they are posted. It means that influencer ad campaigns conducted on the video hosting website will have long-term features than social media campaigns as it is a short-lived option.

YouTube seems to be the second largest search engine globally and a typical influencer marketing platform. A recent study shows that YouTube influences 18% of audiences based on their purchase. It’s not a surprising fact that YouTube supports influencers to reveal instead of telling. Using YouTube, you can offer product reviews and how-to guides for similar products. As we all understand, audiences are attracted to visual factors; it’s simple to know why YouTube influencers perform well. Every day, nearly five billion video views on YouTube increase, where businesses mostly associate with various influencers, shoot YouTube videos to advertise their product.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a famous image and video-sharing platform with more than a billion users. The Instagram platform is perfect for product-based companies that try to increase brand awareness, which is why they mostly hire Instagram influencers to advertise their offers. Recent reports say that 80% of users follow brands on Instagram business. Several users identify a new product on Instagram and seem to purchase from here at the same time. It makes Instagram a powerful influencer marketing option, particularly when you focus on a younger generation whose audiences range between 16 to 34 years old. Instagram became the powerhouse of digital marketing during the past few years. The trend increases influencers to get ready by supporting business exposure for products and services to the massive groups. As a fact, the influencer marketing methods on Instagram are now worth more than $1 billion.

Instagram has got different content formats such as posts, IGTV, and stories. Posts permit influencers to present your brand and product with visually grabbing photos and videos with an attractive caption. The hashtags, influencers can make your brand content more searchable to reach out to the target audience. These recent features such as IG stories, IGTV activated influencers, and brands share real-time content among their audience in an original method. However, the new Instagram feature Shop now lets influencers tag your brand and products on their posts, leading them to check out the page. This shopping option benefits brands, particularly eCommerce brands, by improving sales and brand awareness more efficiently.

4. Twitter

Twitter ranks the fourth most essential influencer marketing platform while comparing the other three social media platforms above. However, it represents an excellent option for your influencer marketing, particularly if you are fascinated to reach out to target audiences. Though it gets less attention than Facebook, Twitter is another ideal option for advertising your business with influencer marketing. A recent study performed by Twitter finds that 49% of Twitter users actively depend on influencers for product suggestions. The same report gains 40% of users even following brands directly on the platform. Twitter is one of the cost-efficient influencer marketing opportunities. Another study analyzing micro-influencers cost finds 96% charges $100 or less than every branded tweet.

A study shows that 56% of Twitter users gain $50 thousand or more every year. It’s essential information for influencers who need cooperation with top-performing brands regularly as you need to understand to look for engaging audiences. However, Twitter consists of a smaller audience base of about 330 million monthly users. Millennials have a vast user group on Twitter, but it looks famous among men rather than women. 65% of US men use Twitter, where 35% of women use Twitter. Understanding Twitter’s user group demographic, brands need to focus on millennials male audiences by performing influencer marketing campaigns on Twitter.


TikTok is known for its music content as it helps its influencer increase the performance that gains among younger audiences. Its music content features it among the users that shoot playbacks and choreographed the dance moves. The video lasts for 15-seconds making a short-form video, where brands identify their capability and plan to begin advertising their products through the TikTok social media platform.

Wrapping Points

Social media platforms started to evolve, and user’s choices change frequently; it is ideal for maintaining yourself upgraded on the recent trends to leverage as an influencer. We believe that this post offers you few valuable tricks on selecting the proper social media channels for your upcoming influencer marketing campaigns. However, influencer marketing modifies from a hobby to a full-time career option. When you have the talents and idea to make a compelling video about a subject niche, all it takes is a well-made method to change it into a business chance.


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