Best Apps to Cope with Student Loans

When it comes to the US, an increasing number of its citizens are coping with student loans. Based on the latest statistics, American students are plagued with more than $1.5 trillion, which is spread out over 44 million people taking out loans from banks and other lenders. The figure has increased to an alarming $29 billion of late. Statistics also show that an average college student had $37,172 in education loan. If you are a student reading this article, you must be overwhelmed with debt payments. You have little funds and more to pay off lenders. That is a complicated situation. Then, we are not here to scare you. Instead, we will help you come with possible solutions to help you manage your student debts in the best possible way. Therefore, there is no reason to panic or fret over your debts.

Today, you have student debt management apps and the best technology to deal with your loans right from your smartphone. Fortunately, you have ways to clear your dues and live a debt-free life. This way, your student loan will not haunt you for all your life.

There are many apps to help you with debt monitoring and analysis. According to an article published on, the ChangeEd is one of the best to deal with student loans. For your better understanding, here is a list of the best app to cope with student loans.

It is a debt calculation app that helps you monitor all your debts on a single platform. To help manage your student loans, the app helps to create eye-catching graphics that are easy to understand. You can make sense of the graphical representation of your finances even if you are an amateur and not an expert of the subject.

The app is Chrome-enabled and helps you figure out many repayment options. The tool also comes with a suggestion about specific payment dates to make loan management simple and effective. There is no doubt about the same. There is no need for you to log in or sign up for the app to understand how the app uses numerous methods to pay off your student loan. Then, if you need to monitor your dues and payments, you will need to create an account and link your services. We recommend that you sign up for the best results and manage your debts like a pro.

The app works on the Snowball method so that you can figure out which technique works best in your case. You can even get an idea of what to expect when you pay additional due amounts each month when it comes to your monthly debt payments.


It is a debt calculator like to help you monitor all your student loans, debt, and credit, as well as a mortgage loan on one platform. All you need to do is enter your details and pick from six repayment ways or personalize your repayment methods based on your individual plan.

You can use the Snowball and Debt Avalanche methods to repay the borrowed amount. The former starts with small to big loans while the latter starts with the highest rate of interest. In case, you are not satisfied with your existing plan, you can swap between the two methods. The app will also help you figure out how quickly an additional payment will help you dig out of your debt and become debt-free.

Besides, if you want more information about student loans and repayment methods, check debt consolidation company like to see what customers are saying about the lending agency.


It is one of the best apps to help students pay off their debts in a smart way at a time. The app links to all your debit and credit cards, thus giving you clarity where you stand financially. With every financial transaction, you can make the app round up to the nearest dollar value. The app takes the change and sends the same to the student loan company or agency. It is one of the best features of the app, thus making a student’s loan repayment process easy and convenient.

The app is automated, thus making your repayment methods super easy to help you dig out of your student loan quickly. There is no doubt about the same. Try this app, and you will be surprised by the outcome. You need to believe in it to reap the maximum benefits out of this app.


The app is built solely for student loans. Then, if you are planning to repay your dues, its specialized financial experts will help you chalk out a strategy to help you repay your student loan. There is no doubt about the same. You will need to shell out just $19 every month as well as setup charge of $299 to connect you with an expert who will design a comprehensive financial plan from staying within your budget and repaying your student loan. Everything will be personalized to meet your current financial condition.

The app has some of the best visual tools to help you figure out where you stand financially in the past, now, and what will your finances look like in the days to come. When you work with a CFP, you will learn to become more accountable and responsible when it comes to student debt management. It is applicable if you have completed the course and left college.

The app will help you become debt-free fast so that your existing student loan does not chase you when you get a job and start a family.

Debt Payoff Planner

The app works just like other apps. It will help you enter your debt-related and finance data, monitor student loans, set repayment date alerts, and compare repayment plans. The app comes with an exciting feature focusing on your budget and spending habits. It is a useful feature to help you figure out what additional amount you need to pay off to become debt-free quickly. The app will suggest quality articles that you must read to keep you updated about personal finance.


Now that you know about these apps, start managing your student loan like an expert. You will become debt-free soon if you use the apps religiously.


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