Cases of Cheating uncovered at UB and AP on Major Playground Toto

You may be perplexed as to why criminal charges weren’t brought against these poker sites until over five years after the UIGEA was implemented. The메이저놀이터 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) included a provision that provided federal authorities with 270 days to draft laws that would assist them in recognising and preventing transactions on gambling websites.

It was in November 2008 that those regulations were given their final form, and on January 19, 2009, they went into force.

The initial version of the bill allowed businesses some메이저놀이터 leeway regarding when they had to comply with the regulations once they were finalised. They were given an extension to comply with the law until June 2010, thanks to another bill, when the original deadline of December 2009 had passed.

Before June 2010, the United States Attorney’s Office could not have brought any charges against anyone for violating the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The indictment regarding the Black Friday crimes was initially presented in March 2010, but the federal prosecutor kept it under wraps until April 2011.

Cereus Network, which had its beginnings in 2008 but was formally established the following year, was one of the three businesses indicted on Black Friday.

Cereus Network

The holding companies that owned and operated two poker sites, UltimateBet and Absolute Poker, merged to form the Cereus Network.

Holding companies

The community of online poker players only discovered cheating issues at UltimateBet and Absolute Poker a few short months before the two sites merged. They were both utilising similar anti-fraud software developed by a company known as Iovation Software.

The anti-fraud software included a function known as God Mode, which made it possible for observer accounts to view the hidden cards held by all players at a table.

Innovation Software claimed that the God Mode function was developed to prevent cheating; nonetheless, top executives at both websites utilised it to defraud gamers out of millions of dollars.

The online poker world was thrown into disarray due to these events. They successfully convinced poker players to lose faith in the websites they were using, the professional poker players acting as spokespersons for each website, and the software that was meant to be fair.

As a direct response to the cheating scandals, Cereus Network was established. The company promoted themselves as brand-new gambling destinations, complete with new administration and software, in the hopes that players would give them another chance.

However, a few of the company’s founding leaders continued to play visible roles in the operation of the business.

Although the players harmed by the cheating eventually obtained some reimbursement for their losses, the true scope of the cheating remained concealed. The individuals responsible for the cheating were never prosecuted for any of their actions, and they were not required to pay back the money they had stolen.

Both Cereus Network sites saw a decline in player numbers once cheating issues came to light. By the time Black Friday rolled along, they were the least significant of the three corporations participating.


The overwhelming majority of their players were based in the United States, which is critical. However, Cereus Network relied solely on players from the United States of America, in contrast to the other two companies, which had large player bases in other countries. The failure of the company to attract international competitors ultimately led to its demise.


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