In layman’s terms, what is a butt?

A butt is an old English unit of liquid volume. It’s equivalent to two hogsheads and ranges from 450 to 1000 liters. It’s also a traditional unit of measurement for wine. Whether your wine is old or new, there’s a 꽁머니for it.


The word buttock comes from Middle English and Old English. It was first used in 1300 and is derived from the button, from the word «to expose» or «to the moon». It has also become a slang term for the posterior part of the body. Buttocks are not just muscles but also contain many blood vessels and nerves. It also contains layers of fat, which help cushion the pelvis when sitting. Pain in the buttocks can result from an injury or other condition affecting the gluteal muscles. It can also result from disorders of the rectum or anus or a condition of the pelvis or groin.

Patients who have a small amount of excess fat on their buttocks can undergo buttock augmentation surgery, which can increase the volume and shape of the buttocks. Buttock augmentation procedures can be performed using silicone-filled devices, which are inserted deep into the buttock tissues. Another option for patients who want to enhance their buttocks is fat grafting, which involves transferring fat from another part of the body. This procedure can produce long-lasting, full shape, and volume.

Buttock acne

Buttock acne is a condition wherein the skin on the buttocks becomes inflamed and infected, resulting in small red bumps and pus-filled pimples. The condition is caused by the buildup of dead skin cells, sweat, and bacteria. Since the skin on the buttocks is prone to dryness, it requires moisture to stay healthy. It is therefore important to consult a dermatologist if you think you have this condition.

For a quick, natural treatment for buttock acne, try applying tea tree oil. It contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You should dilute a few drops of tea tree oil with water and apply it to the affected areas. Repeat the process twice daily for several days. Alternatively, you can also try garlic, which contains bioactive compounds. Applying a paste of garlic to the 꽁머니 can be an effective treatment. Make sure to leave the paste on the affected area for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Buttock lift

A buttock lift involves the removal of excess fat and skin. The results are typically long-lasting. However, there are a few precautions that should be observed after surgery. To ensure optimal results, patients should control their weight and avoid activities that strain the incision line. Patients should also visit their doctor periodically to discuss any complications or follow-up care.

Bruising, swelling, and numbness are common side effects of buttock lift surgery. After the procedure, patients should wear a compression garment for about three weeks to help control swelling and facilitate healing. They should avoid strenuous activities for several weeks, although they should be able to resume their normal activities within a few weeks.

Keratosis pilaris

Keratosis pilaris is an uncommon skin condition that affects the buttocks and thighs. The condition usually manifests as small, flesh-colored bumps. They can be red, brown, or black, and they can cause irritation and itching. It may also cause the skin to become rough. Patients with keratosis pilaris should visit a dermatologist for treatment.

The condition is caused by a build-up of keratin, a protein found in the skin. If the condition is not treated quickly, it can become chronic and difficult to remove. However, with proper treatment, it can be easily managed by avoiding the cause of the problem, limiting the number of affected areas, and following a well-designed skincare routine.

The underlying cause of keratosis pilaris is a buildup of keratin around the hair follicle. This protein clogs pores and hair follicles, causing the characteristic bumps to appear. People who have dry skin or eczema are more prone to developing this condition. It is also more likely to occur in colder weather or during periods of low humidity.


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