Warby Parker review: what to know before you buy

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Warby Parker offers great glasses that don’t cost a million dollars, all without leaving your couch. He sounds like a nice way to get some new specs, but does he really live up to the hype?

You could call WP the Ever lane of the eyewear world. By cutting out the middleman, they are able to offer designer-quality eyeglasses and sunglasses, along with name-brand contact lenses, for less. Sometimes much less moolah.

You can do it all online if you already have an eye prescription. But if you’d rather try on your glasses in-store or need an eye exam as well, there’s also the option of walking into one of the brand’s physical locations.

How does it work?

You have two easy ways to get your glasses. Go the home testing route or visit a WP store.

at home

Browse through the frames of the brands and choose what you like. You can download the virtual try-on app to see how your glasses will fit.

You’ll need to enter your prescription information and use your phone to measure your pupillary distance (PD), which helps center your prescription correctly in your frames.

But WP has simple instructions that make this quick, easy, and basically impossible to screw up. Then place your order and wait for your frames to be delivered to your door.

Having a hard time deciding between a few different specifications? You can also select up to 5 frame models to try on at home for 5 days, and shipping and returns are free. Once you find your perfect pair, order online with your prescription information, and the brand will send you a new set made just for you. Does Warby Parker Take Insurance?

in the shop

All the frameworks on the WP website are also available to try on your physical store. That process works much like getting glasses at the eye doctor.

for both

If you don’t like your glasses, you can return or exchange them for up to 30 days. WP also has a 1-year scratch-free policy: if your lenses get scratched within the first 12 months of wear, the brand will replace them free of charge.

What will it cost me?

Depends on what you’re buying, babe. Here’s a quick rundown of the numbers:

  • Glasses. Many of the WP frameworks start at €95, but some cost more. You will pay extra for filtering.
  • Sunglasses. Non-prescription frames start at €95. Prescription options start at €175.
  • Contact lenses. WP offers the same contacts that you might get from your eye doctor or other retailers. TBH, the price is about the same as you’d pay elsewhere, but they offer free shipping. The brand’s internal contact lenses cost €55 for a 90-day supply.

Wondering if Warby Parker accepts insurance? They are in-network with some providers, and if yours is listed, it’s basically a matter of entering your insurance information to verify your benefits. For many providers outside of the WP network, the brand also offers instructions on how you can file a claim for reimbursement for your glasses or contact lenses.

Do you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA ) or Health Savings Account ( HSA )? You can also put those dollars toward your WP purchase.

What do they have?

We’ve talked a bit about the brand’s products, but let’s dig a little deeper into the details.


WP offers a ton of different styles. They’re best known for their acetate frames, which come in a ton of cool designs and colors. But they also have a decent number of wire-rimmed options.

All Warby Parkers lenses come with an anti-scratch treatment, a UV protective coating, an anti-reflective coating to eliminate glare and relieve eye strain, and a super hydrophobic coating to minimize smudges.

They are designed to work with all types of prescriptions. You can get progressive lenses, reading glasses, or even frames over the counter if you have perfect vision and still want to look great.

You can also opt for a blue-light blocking coating (great if you’re staring at a screen all day! ), transition lenses ( if you want your glasses to double as sunglasses ), or ultra-thin lenses for heavy-duty prescriptions.


Again, you can choose from a ton of different styles, both prescription and over-the-counter. Either way, the lenses are scratch resistant, offer 100% UV protection, and are polarized to eliminate glare and help you see things more clearly in bright sunlight.

Contact lenses

You can buy many of the same lenses that you would get from other retailers, such as Acuvue, Bifidity, Air Optic, and DAILIES. WP also has its own internal contact brand, called Scout. They are advertised as comfortable, breathable, and affordable, and come flat-packed to save space and minimize waste.

eye exams

If you don’t already have a prescription for glasses or contact lenses, you can get one at a WP store. The brand’s brick-and-mortar stores offer comprehensive exams, so you can review your vision and shop for specs, all in one place.

pros and cons

If all of the above was tl; dr, here’s a quick list of the good and the bad.

The bottom line

Warby Parker has a great selection of glasses at great prices. He can do it all online or take advantage of his free home trial option.

Either way, shopping for your specs is pretty easy and takes a lot less time than going to the eyewear store. You just need to make sure you have your prescription on hand.

Is it exactly the same as going to buy glasses in person? No, but it’s pretty close. And if you want access to WP’s great and affordable frameworks, but still want the in-store experience, just head over to one of their physical locations. Everything is right.


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