13 free & paid online coding apps for beginners in 2021


Coding is one of the hottest skills that people want to learn and upgrade their skill set. In 2020 itself, when millions of people lost their jobs, many people found a ray of hope by learning how to code. Many of them have found new jobs and internships. Are you someone who wants to learn how to code but have no idea how to? Honestly, you don’t need to spend hefty money on the classes and online lectures. There are hundreds of apps and websites that offer interactive coding lessons that will turn you into a pro in a few months.

You must have a keen interest in learning coding even before you start learning it.  Don’t learn coding just for the sake of it. You can only learn it like a sponge when you are really willing to. If you’re serious to learn coding, find these simple steps depending upon the time you spend every day on learning and the speed at which you learn. In this article, you will know about 13 online coding apps for beginners. These apps are used by millions of beginners around the world. You can download these apps and start your coding journey today.

1. SoloLearn

Sololearn is one of the best apps especially focused on teaching how to code to beginners. This is the right app for you to begin with if you want to pursue coding professionally. Here, you can find lessons on various languages like:

  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Swift
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • C++

The lessons are interactive and filled with quizzes and assignments. The app provides a perfect balance between traditional learning and modern applications.

Download the app

2. Udacity

Udacity is a platform that gives nano degrees in different programming languages. The best thing about the app is that you can apply to any of their nano degrees that offer lessons on different programming languages like XML and Java.

The courses are usually paid but you can apply to the scholarship and begin with the lessons once your scholarship is approved.

However, if you choose to buy the course, it can be pretty expensive.

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3. Programming Hub

Programming Hub has a different approach towards teaching coding to beginners. The lessons are easy and the activities make it easier for you to learn the concept. The lessons are in a story format and they have interactive quizzes at the end. At Programming Hub, you can learn programming languages like Java, JavaScript, C++, Scala, etc.

You can also take courses on topics like ethical hacking, android development, digital marketing, SEO, and related fields.

Due to the excellence of the app, it became one of the Editor’s Choice Apps and is available on both Android phones and iPhones.

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4. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is an app designed by the ‘Code with Google’ team. It focuses on teaching JavaScript completely free of cost. The app was launched with the intention to educate and teach JavaScript to beginners. The programming interface is easy and user-friendly. It comes with a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to learn to code easily. As a beginner, you will learn all the basic things like functions, variables, methods, etc. You can also participate in competitions and win prizes too.

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5. Udemy

Udemy is a popular website and app that has over a million courses on various topics including programming. You can take any course of your choice based on the language you want to learn and the purpose of taking the course. Most courses are really affordable and some other courses which provides printable certificate. The app is free of cost and you can get the paid courses at heavy discounts during the sale season.

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6. Khan academy

Khan Academy is a popular learning platform. The best thing about Khan Academy is that it is free of cost. You can find all sorts of free courses at Khan Academy. For beginners, these are also free coding lessons too. Languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL are available for learning. You can directly visit the website or download the app on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

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7. Encode

Encode is also a JavaScript learning app available for android devices only. The app comes with an engaging interface. The tutorials and video lessons are in-depth and teach you all the basics. After each course, you have to give a follow-up and complete the tasks. The video lessons are crisp and precise. In less time, you can learn a lot with Encode.

Languages like HTML, CSS< Python, and more are available on the app. It also comes with an offline mode that lets you learn even when you don’t have internet access.

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8. Codeacademy Go

Codeacademy Go is a mobile version of Codeacademy. On Codecademy go, you can learn how to code by simply taking the video lessons and interactive activities. You can make an account and sign-in on the website. With the App, you can practice the lessons anywhere you want, even when you don’t have the access to your computer.

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9. Programming Hero

Programming Hero is a rather personalized app that aims to offer individual importance to beginners. The interface is really simple and easy to grasp. Here, you can get personalized lessons and activities on programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, DOM, etc. It is available on both Android and iOS.

To get your queries solved, you can also join the forums and get answers to your questions.

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10. Enki

Enki is an app offering numerous courses on coding for beginners. Here, you can learn popular languages like JavaScript and Python. It has an interactive and easy-to-use interface that anyone can understand. It is free to use but it also has a premium version. The premium account costs around $8 per month. Initially, you can try the free version and later switch to the pro version for deeper learning.

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11. Mimo

Mimo is an app that helps beginners learn how to code and make their own apps, ethical hacking, how to build websites, and more. You can download the app and mention your interests and goals. Based on the preference, you can learn the necessary skills. On the app, you can learn different programming languages like Ruby, JavaScript, C, C++, Python, HTML, etc.

The app is free to use and available for both Android and iOS devices.

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12. Codemurai

Codemurai is a popular platform that offers bite-sized video lessons on coding. The lessons have been designed by web developers and industry experts. They have made the courses easy-to-understand and include languages like TypeScript, Angular 2, MongoDB, NodeJS, React, and so on. You have to understand the lessons and take part in quizzes and pass them in order to make the most out of the course.

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13. Easy Coder

Easy Coder is an app that also focuses on Java. It contains step-by-step lessons and practice sessions that help learners grasp the concept easily. You can clear all your Java basics with Easy Coder. The lessons are crisp and consume less time; so you can have more time for yourself.

Download the app


These are many apps that can help you learn how to code. In this article, the best 13 apps are mentioned. Take your time to understand how they work and choose the best one that fits your requirements. Remember, coding is a learnable skill and it needs special attention, specifically when you are doing it for your career. Therefore, devote your time to it and don’t hesitate to purchase courses and premium app versions if you feel so, however, you can find most coding lessons free of cost on the internet.




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