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One of the most crucial elements in our life to achieve any goal is self discipline. Still, there is a limit towards what we can accomplish with will power. Even the strongest have their weak points and run out of juice eventually.

This kind of attitude explains why even the most successful people in life sought help from external factors around their life and make sure so that they don’t run out of willpower. You might have also realised that even in most of the sports, the accountability of a trainer or coach is a no-brainer.

Most of the people seek alternatives to refrain from life coaching from a person because they have complexities in opening up before the other people. And the people who want help anyway, they refer the life coaches, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

But talking about the first category of people, there are a few extra solutions for you to sought any of the issues within yourself out. There are great tools available out there who give you a similar level of accountability to a fraction of the price which you are providing your life coach or even your trainer. You can actually seek out your problems without the help of a life coaching and without paying thousands of dollars. However, if there are some affordable mediums are too like sai life coaching.

As an aid, there are a few online life coaching apps which would do the same job as a life coach for you. Let’s get you familiar.


The app GoFuckingDoIt is one of the best apps in case you want the best life coaching app. It is a great alternative for one of the famous apps, StickK. If you want a great functionality in your apps and lifestyle without even having to register for an account or set up a goal, then this app is the best alternative for you.

The working process of this app is simple. The goal setup has to be done which take a minute and you have to maintain deadlines as well as set it up with other credentials to use it.

When you finish the process, your supervisor is going to get an email which asks them if you succeeded or not. If the goal is marked as unsuccessful, you are going to lose the money.


The app Bee-minder is another life coaching app, yet with a sting. It means if you don’t stay on the track with your goal, you have to pay money. It works by connecting to other apps which track your goals, like FitBit, RescueTime and a lot of other apps. The setup process of this app is simple. You have to pick your goal, set the deadline and set the payment method.

Once you have defined the goal, you have to set your pledge amount. And once you fail, the pledge increases, which means the second time gets more expensive.


Pact is an app which you can download on your phone only which lets you earn the money from staying on track with your goals. Of course, you won’t become a millionaire, but you can definitely earn a few bucks from this app which is good anyway, right?


Pavlok is a great app which comes as a full app with its heart in a wristband which gives you electric shocks in case you are doing something which you shouldn’t be doing. It is one of the best way to break down the habits which you have been willing to stay away from a long time. It gives negative reinforcement to your brain to break bad habits.


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