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You could avoid leaving points with three or more checkers by spreading your pieces as much as possible. This will leave your opponent with fewer options for possible movements in the game.

You’ll know when it’s best to use these strategies메이저사이트 as you gain more experience, or you can switch it up to keep your opponent on his toes. Either way, you’ll be able to make the most of your training. Depending on the results of your rolls of the dice, you may have the opportunity to combine several different techniques into a single play.

It is essential to remember that while you can devise a strategy to employ it, the success of that strategy will ultimately be determined by the numbers available to you in the game of backgammon, which is a combination of planning and chance or fate.

The original and most fundamental version of the game메이저사이트 of backgammon can be played in various ways, each of which could occupy an entire book. However, the following are a few that you might find intriguing:


The game’s basic rules remain the same; however, instead of having four starting points, all of the checkers begin the game at the same position in the territory belonging to the opponent.


The dice are not used in this version of the game. Instead, players select their numbers and then advance following those numbers.

Backgammon in the Russian Style

The Russian Backgammon game is more like a sprint than a traditional competition. Instead of playing across from each other and moving in different directions, the two players begin the game on the same side of the board and compete to reach the same home section.

Playing It Backwards

Depending on the result of the toss and the game plan you have chosen, your checkers can either advance or retreat.

Backgammon with Constant Dice

The two symbols used in the remainder of the game are determined by the outcome of the first roll.

Traditional English

There are two critical distinctions between the Old English manner and the conventional variant of the game. The first rule is that all checkers begin outside the playing area. The second difference is that you use the faces on the opposing side of the dice when you play doubles.

Bearoff, to the letter

The players in this version have to roll the precise number necessary to bear off each checker, which adds additional difficulty to the game. Therefore, the game goes on for an extended period and has the potential to include additional turns and twists.

The Game of Backgammon, Transformed Into an Online Experience

The First International Backgammon Server, or FIBS, was established in Sweden in 1993. To this day, it is still in use. It enables more than 100 players to contest against each other at the same time. Other websites are devoted to the backgammon game, such as Intense Backgammon and VIP Backgammon.


Backgammon players seeking to wager real money now have a global market to choose from, thanks to the internet’s expansion of online gambling opportunities. However, casinos that offer backgammon have a return-to-player percentage of approximately 90%, which is comparatively low. The odds of winning are significantly lower than in blackjack, where they can reach as high as 100%. The competition is significantly more difficult. If, on the other hand, you have a passion for the game and also enjoy the thrill of placing bets with actual money, then the possibilities are open to you.


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