Do horoscopes matter in love marriage?

In any relationship, love, trust, and respect hold significant importance. Astrology can have an impact on various aspects of life, such as love and marriage. By reading a Kundli, one can gain an idea of the compatibility between different zodiac signs and predict the possible outcomes of romantic relationships.

Horoscope matching, also known as Kundli matching, has the ability to assess the health of possible brides and grooms. It also indicates the possibility of physical love between the couple, which is important for maintaining attraction in the relationship. Now, let us understand the significance of horoscope matching.

Importance of Horoscope in Love Marriage

Indian weddings have considered horoscope matching a crucial part of the ceremony since ancient times. Despite its significance being disregarded by some in modern times, astrology provides plenty of evidence to support the idea that horoscope matching plays a vital role, particularly in love marriages, before tying the knot.

Horoscope matching can help avoid marital troubles and prevent future issues, according to Vedic astrology.

The main aim of kundali matching in astrology is to determine the compatibility of a couple on both physical and mental levels. This involves considering the perspectives, personalities, and behaviors of both individuals, which are crucial in establishing a happy marriage. Additionally, the level of physical attraction between the couple is also evaluated to determine the possibility of a successful long-term relationship.

Kundali matching is important to ensure that the movement of planets in an individual’s horoscope does not negatively impact their job growth and progress.

Advantages of Horoscope Matching

  • It is believed that predicting the health and happiness of future babies can be done through kundali matching. The eighth guna of Kundali, Nadi, is particularly helpful in foreseeing any possible childbirth-related challenges. Considering how important it is for a family to have healthy and happy children, this prediction can be helpful.
  • Matching Kundlis is an important practice for reducing the negative effects of doshas on marriages and the future of the couple. The positions of planets and stars at the time of an individual’s birth determine their future, which can sometimes result in doshas such as Mangal dosha and Shani dosha. These doshas can create problems in marriage, but Kundli matching can identify them, and astrologers can suggest appropriate pujas to avoid any issues caused by them.
  • Kundali Milan holds great significance in the context of love weddings. Some couples may hesitate to undertake this step due to possible negative outcomes. But matching horoscopes can actually help prevent future problems and strengthen the bond between partners by providing remedies for issues through various Pujas.
  • After ensuring the alignment of the kundlis, astrologers may suggest specific Pujas to enhance a happy and prosperous married life. In cases of harmoniously matched Kundlis, astrologers may also recommend these pujas to strengthen the relationship. Kundlis remain significant even after marriage, especially during unexpected health or financial challenges. In such situations, astrologers can determine whether any sudden or rapid movement of a particular planet or star is causing harm.

Significant factors in Kundali matching

When matching kundlis, the primary task is Guna Milan or ashta-koota matching. This involves considering 36 points from both horoscopes. Astrology dictates that a marriage cannot occur if the matching numbers are less than 18. To form a favorable match, the numbers must be 18 or higher.


Building relationships based on trust and understanding is essential. Horoscope matching can provide insight into the future and help you achieve this. Moreover, kundli matching also provides remedies for doshas. Which will assist in building a healthy and happy marriage. Therefore, horoscope matching is essential in a love marriage. Additionally, Consulting with a qualified astrologer can offer better understanding and remedies.


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