How To Integrate Your Social Media And SEO Strategies?


The social media and SEO strategies are very interrelated with each other. The concerns of both is to reach consumers naturally and to build strong recognition. In people’s mind through building the brand’s identity through the high quality content. Even many used to hire the SEO consultancy firms for building the strategies for better portraying the organization’s pictures in evaluator’s minds. There are two basic key benefits necessary for integrating social media in your SEO strategy such as;

  • Even if the internet searcher (for instance, Google) doesn’t consider social signs one of its positioning factor. Your social profiles actually show up conspicuously on the SERP when your company is searched.
  • It’s best to show up because the social media presence is considered as a ranking factor. To decide that which web page will be showed up in search results.

Here below are a few ways for you to integrate social media and SEO strategies:

  • Optimize the social media profile of the organization

Google never crawls and checks every content that is published on social media. Instead it always go through the profile pages, such LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram on the search engine results page (SERP). So, make sure to have well-optimized social media profiles. Add the relevant keywords and hashtags in the company’s bio section. Such as, taking an example of “The Egg Company” on Google as an example. The LinkedIn profile is listed as the second best profile in results. This is one of the prime real estate profile that has shown an effective profile page for the social media SEO.

  • Try to link social media followers to your website

Link building is one of an effective strategy in SEO. By building links from the relevant website builds site authority. With the great site authority, search engines such as Google will consider your website as more credible and will rank you higher on the SERP.

When link-building, advertisers frequently think that it’s hard to interface with the correct websites. Social can help! Social media is a channel to distribute content to your followers. By posting great substance, you advance commitment and quality backlinks.

Furthermore, to urge your supporters to connect your site, add social offer catches to your site pages, and incorporate a source of inspiration express toward the finish of your substance to set out greater commitment freedom.

  • Add images while developing content strategies

Images always gives an eye-catching element to your social site and let people stand for long that builds social engagement. As per the Hubspot figure, posts with pictures on Facebook receive 53% more Likes and 104% more comments than the average others posts. Moreover, posts with photos receive 84% more link clicks than posts with just text and a link. Same is the trend being followed at Twitter, as per the buffer figures, tweets with images receive 89% more preferences, 150% more retweets, and 18% more clicks. That why, while developing your content strategy, create eye-catching images to accompany your posts. Mind this, that the Info-graphics are creatures on social media. Use them if you want to send your engagement into hyper drive.

  • Analyze social media performance and improve the content strategy

In the field of SEO, the marketing strategies are being so data-driven. Ranking of websites and webpages on SERPs is only one of the indicators. Whereas other metrics, such as click-through rate, are also useful to determine whether our strategies are successful.

Same is the rules applies to incorporating social media in your SEO strategy.

Make sure to track and analyze the performance of your content on social media. By checking at the number of social shares, click rate for links, and what people say in the comments section, you can have a clearer picture for what content your followers like and don’t like. That would help you to analyze their concerned content. By using such data, you can improve your content strategy.

5-      Use social listening to discover new opportunities with keywords you have planned for SEO

Social listening is all about listening others and tracking conversations to have an idea of the hot topics, phrases, brands mention and conversations about them. Social media has become a common platform for people to get interacted and to build firm’s or brand reputation and to monitor it as well. Through the reputation management, one can search the new marketing atmospheres through social listening. Even social listening also helps to get keywords that are best to use for driving engagement. Through the social medium’s inquiry work, adding the keyword that you have made arrangements for SEO. The results will show you what individuals are asking about these keywords. It is a route for you to find new substance thoughts and even new business openings.

Wrapping Up!

Integrating social media with SEO builds enormous favors to the firm. It attracts a number of people towards you that builds reputation and fan following all the go with the continuous favorable changes.


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