IELTS has Released Its Guidelines on The Reopening 20 Test Centres in India


The test centres were closed considering safety. However, due to candidates facing issues and delays in the procedures that require an IELTS certificate now 20 centers are open. But with the new IELTS covid-19 update, candidates now strictly have to follow these guidelines.

  • If a candidate is in 14 days Quarantine period, any stay-at-home order, or if any candidate is under medical surveillance and has been issued a self-Quarantine by the government of India are requested to inform the test center and reschedule their exam timings.
  • If any candidate has been with someone who is suspected of having the virus, they need to inform the council.

In any of the above cases, candidates can reschedule without added cost that was usually imposed. The penalty cost has been waived off. In the case of confirmed cases, candidates can get a full refund.

Test Rules for The Aspirants:

There is also an IELTS covid-19 update on the day of the test for the aspirants.

Candidates are expected to sign a health declaration form where they give permission to the IELTS council to test their temperature. Candidates swiftly have to wear a mask but at the time of identification procedure if asked the candidates have to take off their mask. Sanitizer and hand wash are made available in all test centers candidates must make use of those amenities. All venues will be sanitized including equipment such as computers. Wearing a mask is compulsory for staff and examiners. Any examiner cannot insist candidates take off their mask during the speaking test session. There will be designated areas to dispose of the mask. candidates also should take all the stationeries that are provided by the centers with them.

There is an after test IELTS covid-19 update.

If any candidate is tested positive within 14 days of taking the examination they should inform the council so the update can be given to co-test takers and respective examiners.

IELTS has requested candidates to have patience in the following factors.

  • EOR inquiry on the result
  • ATRF additional test report form.
  • Cancellation / refund
  • Postponement

There will only be twenty functional test centers in India candidates have to choose whichever center is nearest to them. The functional test centers will be New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vadodara, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Noida, Surat, Kochi, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bathinda, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Vijayawada. Candidates can choose between these available test centers.

Only in places where the government has not allowed running in-person examinations have access to the IELTS indicator which is an online test that can be taken at the comfort of candidates’ homes. The exam will be of the same standards which won’t be compromised. Staff are now well trained to conduct an online mode of examination.

IELTS has already clarified the importance it is giving towards the safety of test-takers as well as the examiners and their staff. IELTS has taken all the safety measures that are required to safely conduct the examination. The council has left no stones unturned. British Council in an interview said it is aware of the consequences that are being faced by their candidates who are not able to take the test due to the global pandemic covid-19. They are trying their best to function in all the test centers however they are restricted by the local governing bodies. Although the board has taken all the safety measures and precautions to keep everyone safe but ultimately its success relies on the candidates for undergoing the examination. The board has requested that no candidate should violate the guidelines. violating any of the set guidelines is tolerated.


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