Playground Safety Rules


Always playground strong by way of the technique of being cautious and displaying courtesy. Never run round or push and pull others at the same time as close to 안전놀이터 gadgets. Keep your arms and toes to yourself. Physical touch and verbal abuse aren’t accepted. Don’t cross too near the front or rear of the shifting tool; instead, stroll out round it. Wear the right apparel.  Make fantastic your footwear is tied and in no way located on garments which have drawstrings. Necklaces, scarves, drawstrings, and unfastened garments want to get tangled.

When you get off your gadgets ensure there isn’t all of us with inside the way.  If you jump, typically bend your knees barely and land to your toes. Don’t play on gadgets which might be moist due to the fact the floor might be slippery.  If you visit the secure playground with inside the summertime, ensure the tool isn’t always too hot.

Take turns and get in a line at the same time as more than one character desires to use a chunk of tool.  By sharing, all of us receive a flip.  No maintaining locations or butting in line. Sit nicely on the tool and do not become overcrowd.  If a chunk of the tool has a handrail, ensure you hold it the least few times. Ask a person for assistance if there can be a hassle or a person is harmed. Never visit a playground via a way of a technique yourself or without letting a person know.  Have a person go along with you while you’re in number one and feature a friend to go along with you while you get older.


Keep your footwear tied and don’t place any unfastened strings or apparel at the slide. Be an affected person and appearance beforehand for your flip in line earlier than getting at the mountaineering ladder. Take one step at a time and hold the handrails with each arm at the same time as mountaineering the ladder to the pinnacle of the slide.

Never climb or run up the sliding floor or the frame. Slide down toes first and sit down up, in no way head first or on your lower once more, knees, or stomach.  Check the lowest of the slide to seem if it is clean earlier than sliding down.

When you acquire the lowest, get off and float an extended manner from the give up of the slide. On warmness days, enjoy the slide together on the facet of your hand earlier than mountaineering to the pinnacle. If the difficulty is truly to warmness, don’t play on it.

Climbing Equipment:

Hands live nicely with inside the once more of the character with inside the front of you and are cautious of swinging toes.  Never acquire for bars or ropes which can be too an extended manner away. When you drop from the bars or ropes ensure you’ve got were given sufficient room to no longer hit the tool and harm yourself.  Bend your knees, land on each toe, and don’t contact others. Don’t overcrowd the tool.  Everyone begins off evolving from one trouble and circulates within sight in the same direction.  When mountaineering down is careful for the handiest mountaineering up. Always live in line, take turns and in no way push or try to contact others.

Equipment for small groups:

Use this tool in a chosen place in an extended manner from the massive tool. Be cautious about the usage of this tool so you don’t intrude with others. Try to live in a small place. When you’re a ball with others, ensure to take turns and play safely.  No rough playground allowed. If you’re the patron of a ball and it’s miles away from the gambling place, ask a person for permission to get it.


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