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When you have a four-card hand 토토사이트with pocket Kings, you should almost always play it. If other players at the table are acting extremely aggressively before the flip by placing a third or fourth bet, it is quite likely that one of those players is holding Aces, and you should consider throwing away your hand at this point. In the same vein, if you have two Kings and your opponent or opponents are playing an Ace high flop aggressively, it is a fair bet that at least one of them has paired the Ace, and you should fold your hand instead of continuing the hand.

Even though they are great beginning hands, pairs like queens and jacks are less powerful than in Hold ‘em.


In Hold ‘em, a hand such as K-Q has some 토토사이트fair value before the flip; however, in Omaha, a hand such as K-Q-X-X has very little to no value. Until, of course, one of the other cards is an Ace or you are holding a hand like K-Q-J-10, which provides you many options on many flips, you shouldn’t be too concerned about the flop unless one of the other cards is an Ace.

Because the position is such an important factor in Omaha, you can play a wider variety of opening hands while in a late position.

Never play a hand if there is even the slightest possibility of a connection between the cards.

If you are handed four of a type as your beginning hand, this is a poor hand, and you should throw it away. Even if having three of a kind is not the best hand to have in poker, you should consider seeing the flop with A-A-X if it does not cost you much.

The importance of one’s geographic location cannot be overstated in Omaha. When the flip is spread out in front of you. Having four cards in your hand gives you access to a wide variety of options to consider. Since there will almost always be players on a draw. Players will often gamble their hands when they hit to prevent their opponents from seeing a free card. This is done because there will almost always be players on a draw. If you are the last person to act and it gets around to you, you should nearly always make a wager regardless of what cards you hold.

Always play position aggressively, but you should be particularly aggressive when your opponents are weak or passive. It is recommended that you steal late before the flip when either one player or no other players have joined the hand before you.


Wraps are a unique element of the Omaha card game that does not appear in any other variant. Straight draws with nine or more outs each constitute a wrap. The player’s hole cards are said to «wrap around» the cards on the board, which is why this strategy is nicknamed a «wrap.» When playing Hold’em, when players are dealt two hole cards, the best straight out that can be achieved is 8. But since there are four community cards in Omaha, straight draws in this game have the potential to have up to twenty outs each.

You may create a straight with any of the following cards, for instance, if the board is displaying 9-8-2 and you are holding J-10-7-6.


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