Colorize Any Photo: the best photo editing application

Black and white images have a certain appeal that draws us in, but sometimes it is hard to see them as realistic because we see the world around us in colorize. You could try to imagine the image in color, but if you are like me that is almost impossible. There are many different applications out there that can colorize old photos. But not all of them are worth downloading and even more of them require you to do the work. There is one option, however, called Picture Colorizer that does all the work for you and does an impeccable job.

What is Picture Colorizer?

Picture Colorizer is an application you can download for free that will allow you to colorize black and white images. You can also change certain aspects of the images, such as exposure and saturation. It is usable by anyone with a Windows or Macintosh computer. After you download the application you can immediately add an image to colorize. At the top of the application there is a menu bar with basic functions for the process. First you will want to use the ‘Add Images’ function and choose the image you want to colorize. When you have chosen an image and you are ready to add color to it, press the ‘Colorize’ button. Within seconds you will have a colorized version of the black and white image you originally chose. You could stop there if you wanted, but on the right hand side of the application are sliders that you can use to adjust the image to your liking. You can change the exposure, saturation, and hue of the image as well as adjust the sharpness, gamma, and a few other options like different filters.

Why choose Picture Colorizer?

The benefits to using Picture Colorizer over other applications of the same type are obvious. Picture Colorizer is completely free to use and is of a higher quality than any other free to use service of the same type. The images look very realistic compared to what you might get from other applications. The application does the work for you saving you time and effort. You don’t need to be computer savvy in order to add color to a black and white image. I should know as my technical skills are severely lacking. Yet i was able to take a random black and white image and turn it into a incredibly realistic colorized version. It does take a bit of tweaking in order to adjust the image to your liking, but the application makes the process easier than ever.

Here is the before&after image

Alternative program-PhotoShop

In comparison, you could use a different application like Photoshop, and get the same result but have to put in much more work. Photoshop, if you have not heard of it, is a photo editing, creation, and graphic design application. Not only can you colorize an image, but you can add effects and retouch images. It is a very useful tool. But requires a lot of knowledge and technical skills in order to achieve the desired look. It is widely known as the professional tool, but is very hard to master and takes a long time to finish one project in the beginning. Photoshop takes up a large amount of space on your computer and requires a decent graphics card as well as enough memory to handle the workload. If you are not going to use Photoshop professionally, then you may not be using the application to its full potential as there are functions that are hard to find or not necessary for recreational use. This means that you are paying for a service that you are not using.


Both applications have pro’s and con’s. Photoshop is the best choice if your end goal is to be a professional or master in this field. It will take time to learn but in the end can be worth it if you put in the effort. If you are just starting out or if you want to colorize black and white images recreationally, then Picture Colorizer is the best option out there. You will not lose anything by trying and it may impress you like it did for me. Give it a try and see just how realistic the colorized images can look.


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