VMware IT certifications and Some Tips How toCope with VMware Exam Questions

The IT industry has grown excessively in the past few years, and this is the reason that the need for the IT professionals has also improved. More and more people are coming towards the IT careers, but the companies only need the best of the lot that has the required skills that they can use. This is the reason that the candidates are required to have certain certifications that prove their skills.

VMware Certifications

VMware is a company that creates various software that is used in the IT operations in some of the biggest and top-notch companies. This is the reason VMware certifications are a must have for most of the companies. There are numerous VMware IT Certifications available for the candidates, and we will be discussing how one can score well in these exams and what the career advantages of these certifications are.

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Some Important VMware IT Exams

Here is a list of six VMware IT certification exams and their details:

VMware 2v0-602 Exam

VMware 2v0-602 is a fundamental level examination that is associated with a lot of different certifications. The candidates need to have fundamental knowledge about VMware vSphere 6.5 software to succeed in this exam.

Exam Details: The exam lasts for 105 minutes and has 70 questions that the candidates have to answer. The passing marks that the candidates have to score are 300, and the format of the exam is multiple choice questions.

More info about 2v0-602 exam can be found at VMware website.

VMware 2v0-620 Exam

VMware 2v0-620 Exams is the vSphere 6 Foundation Exam that is associated with four major certifications including VCP6-DCV, VCP6-CMA, VCP6-DTM, and VCP6-NV. It’s also a fundamental level examination where the candidate is required to have the fundamental knowledge about the software and its environment.

Exam Details: The exam lasts for 115 minutes and consists of 65 questions for the candidates. The passing score is 300 marks, and the format of the exam is multiple choice questions.

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VMware 2v0-621 Exam

VMware 2v0-621 exam is VMware certified professional 6- data center virtualization exam which is associated with the VCP6-DCV certification. It’s a professional level exam, and the candidates can pass it in either English or Japanese.

Exam Details: The exam lasts for 120 minutes and has 85 questions that the candidates have to solve. The candidates must get at least 300 marks to pass in the exam. There are all multiple choice questions given in the question paper.

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VMware 2v0-622 Exam

VMware 2v0-622 exam is VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Exam which is a professional level exam. It is associated with the certification including VCP6.5-DCV.

Exam Details: The candidates will be able to pass this exam in both English and Japanese. The candidates will be given 70 questions that have to be solved in 105 minutes, and they have to score 300 marks to get certified.

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VMware 2v0-622d Exam

VMware 2v0-622d exam is VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Delta Exam which is associated with the VCP5.5-DCV certification. This exam is available to pass in English and Japanese.

Exam Details: The exam will last for 105 minutes and has 70 multiple choice questions for the candidates to solve. The exam is a professional level exam, and the candidates need to score 300 to get certified.

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VMware 3v0-624 Exam

VMware 3v0-624 exam is VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Design Exam which is an advanced level exam and is associated with the VCAP6.5-DCV Design certification.

Exam Details: The exam lasts for 135 minutes and has 60 questions. The candidates are supposed to score minimum 300 to pass the exam, and the format is multiple choice questions.

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Advantages of Passing VMware IT Exams

VMware software is used in the daily processes of a lot of big companies all around the world. There are over 500,000 customers of VMware all around the world. This means that it is one of the biggest companies in the visualization market. This also means that the organizations will only look forward to hiring employees who have the required skills. The roles of the people that have VMware IT certifications are usually system administrators as well as system engineers. These are big jobs and will provide the candidate with a good salary.

Hence the advantages of having VMware IT certifications is that the candidates will land high paying jobs at some of the best companies around the world. In addition to this, they will also find themselves being regarded as the top contender in the job interviews. There will also be more job opportunities. In the end, the candidates will also gain much knowledge that will be good for their future careers.

Tips to Score Better in VMware Exams

Here are some tips that the students preparing for any of VMware IT certification exams should follow:

Start Preparation Early

One should keep in mind that the test is not going to be easy. Hence they need to start with the preparation as soon as possible. So, make a timetable for your preparation and create a strategy through which you will be covering the course for your exam. The syllabus for the exam is available on the website, and hence you can download it and then start making the timetable.

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Get Good Study Materials

The study material is available in different forms, and the candidates can take them according to their preferences. There are self-study materials where the candidates can buy online books or physical books to study for their exams. In addition to this, you can also join online and offline courses which will cost you some extra money. The online classes are the best for the people who are already working and do not have time to attend classes during the day.

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Have Some Practical Experience

Having practical experience is also important. The candidates should try and work with the software they have been studying about so that they can understand them better and write them in the exam.

Solve The Sample Papers

Sample papers help the candidates a lot. Hence they should not be ignored at any cost. The candidates should always solve one or two question papers every week. This way they will be able to understand how the question paper is set and how much more preparation they need.

To Sum Up

As we can see that VMware IT certifications are really important especially for the candidates who are willing to apply for the companies that use VMware software for their day to day functioning, preparation for these exams is important and you should definitely use some of the tips given above to score your best and gain the certificate with flying colors.


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