Weather forecast for Galicia


Being connected is a huge advantage when it comes to planning vacations. You can view the weather forecast for Galicia on multiple websites. This is especially important for those who are planning to visit the Iberian Peninsula. Galicia’s weather is affected by many climatic factors. Including the location of the ocean and mountainous terrain and the direction of the Mediterranean winds. The best way to get the Holiday rentals Galicia weather forecast is to visit a website.

You need to enter the area to be consulted into the search engine. The prediction will display for 15 days. Scroll down to see a description of the day’s outlook and the forecasts for nearby locations.



It includes sections that focus on the Mountain region, the Maritime section, and the weather around the globe.

This page displays an interactive map that shows the forecast for the next six hours. It is displayed in a loop and allows you to see if winds could trigger rain. This map shows the radar mode view, allowing you to see clouds, temperatures, and all other modalities simultaneously.

Galicia weather apps, iOS, and Android.

Many apps can be installed on your phone today to keep you informed about the weather forecast at all times. These applications can provide a detailed report on the weather forecast and give it to you in real-time.

Multiple data are included in the reports, including wind direction, atmospheric pressure, and wind speed. They are all calculated based on your smartphone’s GPS location.

You can switch the temperature unit format between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Forecasts are available for seven days up to one month.

After looking through the app stores, we found the highest number of downloads and reviews with more than four stars.

  • Weather Forecast. Android
  • Weather Radar App. Android
  • Weawow Weather App (Without ads and photos uploaded by users). Only for Android
  • El Canal del clima. iOS, Android.

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