What is Computer?


Computer are electronic device that is programmable and accepts the raw information as an input and then processes it according to instructions (a programmer) to create the final product as output. It produces output after it’s completed its logic and mathematical operations. Is able to save output for later usage. It is able to process both non-numerical and numerical calculations. The word «computer» is derived from the Latin word «reparación de computadoras» which means to calculate.

A computer is built to run programs and offers an array of solutions using the integration of computer hardware as well as software. It operates with the aid of programs and displays decimal numbers using an array of binary digits. It also has a memory which stores data programs, data, and results of processing. The elements of a computer like machinery, transistors, wires and hard disks are referred to as hardware. While the programs and data are known as software.

Micro Computer:

It is a single-user machine that is slower and has less storage capacity than other kinds. Utilizes a microprocessor as the CPU. Was the first computer constructed using microprocessors with 8 bits. Microcomputers are the most common types of computers. They include desktop computers, laptops and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) smartphones and tablets. Microcomputers are usually created and designed to be used for everyday use, like browsing, looking for information, using the internet, MS Office, social media, etc. You Know what dinosaur has 500 teeth

Mini Computer:

Mini-computers are also referred to by the name of «Midrange Computers.» They’re not made to be used by a single. They are multi-user computer designed to handle multiple users concurrently. They are typically utilized by small companies as well as large corporations. The departments within a company employ these computers for particular reasons. For instance the admission department at the University could make use of mini-computers to monitor processes for admission. For more information, click to gabriel kuhn and daniel patry that would be the right place for you.

Mainframe Computer:

It’s also a multi-user system capable of accommodating thousands of users at once. They are employed by large corporations and government institutions to manage their business operations because they are able to manage and store large quantities of information. For instance, banks as well as universities and insurance businesses utilize mainframe computers for storing the personal information of their customers students, policyholders, and customers as well as policyholders.

Super Computer:

Super-computers are among the fastest and most expensive of all kinds of computers. They feature huge capacities for storage as well as high computing speed, which means they are capable of processing million of commands per second. Super-computers are task-specific, and therefore are used for specialized applications like large-scale numerical problems in engineering and scientific disciplines, including engineering in petroleum, electronics forecasting, medicine as well as space research. For instance, NASA uses supercomputers for the launch of space satellites as well as monitoring and control them during the exploration of space.


It’s a single-user computer. While it’s an individual computer, it is equipped with the power of a microprocessor, and superior quality monitors that microcomputers. In terms of capacity for storage and speed it is in between a personal computer and a minicomputer. Workstations are typically employed for specific applications like desktop publishing, the development of software, as well as engineering design. For more information about celebrity, click to how tall is ranboo that would be the right place for you.

Benefits of Using a Computer:

  • Enhances efficiency: A computer increases your productivity. For example, after you’ve got an understanding of the basics of a Word processor you are able to create, edit, save documents, and print them quickly and easily.
  • connects to Internet: It connects users to the internet, which lets you send emails browse content, get information, access the social networks, as well as so on. Through connecting with the Internet, you will also connect with your long distance family members and friends.
  • Storage Computers allow users to store a huge quantity of data, e.g. it can save your projects documents, ebooks, documents music, movies, images and much more.

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