5 Smart Ways To Get More YouTube Traffic, Views, and Impressions


YouTube is the most visited website on the web, and it has 1.9 billion active users. And it masters for digital marketing, but how you will make it a fast growing platform?. Is the basic question. When you are doing advertising you can make payments to promote your YouTube channel. Moreover, the could also be downloaded by YouTube downloader, there are some tips and tricks given below to improve your content. And also increase your YouTube traffic, views, and impressions. These tips are simply effective and 100% free.

Content for more YouTube views

Content is not the thing to promote your channel, you need to have more traffic and views to your YouTube channel. At first, maybe you get views but to retain those views you have to update daily basis informative content. And that content depends on what type of business you are doing and attracts your audience. In the matter of designing a content strategy for your YouTube channel. You need to know what to focus on and what should be the layout ad timeline for the filming, uploading, and promoting every video.

YouTube SEO

YouTube is called the second largest search engine by volume and the other one Google. So it is important that when your content is optimizing YouTube it should be optimizing Google search as well. SEO independently can help you to increase your traffic on YouTube. First, you have to start with the title and description. You will choose one keyword and make sure you make it work in your video title and description. Try to use primary keywords first and later use secondary keywords. It has some steps as follows;

  • Select keywords
  • Make sure those keywords show up in YouTube suggestions
  • Double up on keyword research
  • Add tags
  • Write a unique copy of YouTube
  • Custom YouTube image creation
  • End screen subscription creation is important
  • Create links with the product web
  • Make sure video settings are correct
  • Update playlists

Frequently upload to get more traffic on YouTube 

More videos are equal to more views, uploading videos frequently is difficult but when you have tools and means and you can upload multiple videos per you must do it. But if there will be a decline in the quality you will notice a decline in viewers as well. There must be a set schedule about that, whether you want to upload once a week or every other week whatever you select stick to it. Choose a realistic schedule and remember you can always make a variation when you will get comfortable with the audience or what attracts the audience accordingly.

Edit for quality 

High-quality videos don’t always mean high-quality production, so you don’t have to use top-line equipment and pour it into strategy especially when you are just starting. You must have to make sure that videos are professional, clean, and well scripted. So start with the simple what features you need and what would be the effective strategy. Just make multiple recordings and well edit them together for the final product.

Tools to drive traffic tour YouTube channel

The editing process is time taking, and for that, there are tools available to help. The most popular tools are adobe, YouTube editor, and iMovie. Tubebuddy is a tool that is designed specifically to manage small tasks that are related to the YouTube channel.

Custom thumbnails to increase YouTube traffic and views

The first impression is very important to make sure what your viewer sees first must catch their eye and attention. And it’s easy to do through custom thumbnails rather than let the YouTube select random image. Make sure you select those images that demonstrate your videos.

Use call to action

Call to action has a big impact on growth, make sure you tell your customer what will make you happy to do by them. It can be subscribing to your channel, or like your video and also click the link below in the description.

Interact with other you tubers increase traffic

Like all the other social websites, interaction with other you tubers has an impact on overall growth. So it will be useful when you will subscribe to similar channels or commenting on their videos or adding links to your descriptions.

Timing can help you to increase traffic

It is very important to deliver your content timely. Less than 5minutes is YouTube time. Hubspot found that videos with 2 minutes have more engagements. And its tons of the time to deliver information on a given topic to gain viewers’ attention.

Just like any other marketing channel, the work with YouTube doesn’t end when the camera roll stops. With the tips given above, you will get help to engage your target audience. One thing which is important of all and that is to review your YouTube analytics every month. Those analytics can help in how to increase traffic in the future.


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