How to Effectively Make Your Mobile App More User-Friendly


We live in the age of mobile, many of our everyday essentials, such as watches, calendars, notepads, cameras, etc… Have been replaced by this one gadget only. From being a luxury, smartphones have morphed into our necessities. Keeping that in view, digital marketers have shifted their focus to mobile app development to enhance their brand’s awareness.

 SEO agency often recommends its clients to focus more on making their mobile apps more user-friendly. Because the number of people who shop through their smartphones is way more than the desktop user. Therefore, here are some tips that can help you with the process:

It has to be Useful!

The main aim of a mobile app is to make the shopping, or whatever purpose it is developed, as easy as possible. Mobile apps must be useful for the users. It should make the user’s life easier. Use the templates that can provide seamless navigation through the app. And users do not have any difficulty in finding what they are looking for it should be just a matter of few taps. Focus more on user-friendliness than the rest.

Know Your Users:

This is an obvious one, but it is what people usually ignore. Knowing your audience is key to creating anything that will be feasible for your user to use. Firstly, identify which age group will use your app more, according to the products you are selling. If you have a clothing line for teenagers, then young girls and boys are likely to access it more. You can use templates that are vibrant or trendy to attract your users more. Likewise, you can use a bit complex interface since kids these days like exploring and figuring things on their own. Keep your users in mind while creating the app.

Easy Sign Ups and Onboarding:

The apps that require 2 or 3 pages of forms to be filled or have 3 or 4 steps of signing up are such a turn off for the users and can even make them uninstall the app immediately. Make sure that your app can either be signed up through Facebook logins or any other convenient option, and it requires just one tap for it to be used.

Do Some Research:

With so many apps around, you can always learn some best and worst user practices from them. This does not mean that you should copy others, but this simply means to learn from already existing apps. For example, you can look for the features that a successful and popular app has. Likewise, you can find out the features that have led an app to be a failure. A little research always helps you to come up with incredible ideas and stimulates your creativity.

Make Things Pretty:

Never underestimate the power of attractive visuals! People love pretty things. Make sure to invest in a stellar design that can appeal to people visually, and they enjoy navigating through your app. This is applicable to apps of all niches and particularly those created for entertainment, trends and social networking purpose only.

Prioritizing User Safety:

The increasing number of apps has led to an increase in cybercrimes. People are more concerned about the security of their mobile data than the ease of app use. Therefore, make sure to use the best security features to make your app more credible. Ensure your users that your app is absolutely safe to be used to win their trust.

Use Feedbacks!

Feedbacks are a great help in making your apps more user-friendly. Ask your users what improvements they want in the app or how it can be made more feasible for them to be used. Using their feedbacks and then working on them helps in gaining customer loyalty.


There are some set features that can make your app user-friendly. However, apps need to be constantly updated and modified according to the latest trends and user’s friendly. For that purpose, you must always have a developer on board who can solve all the app-related issues. The better the app is, the more popular it is going to get. Apps are the future of digital markets; make sure to invest rightly!


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