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Because of his father’s job, the family could take paid vacations whenever they wanted, and Chris used to spend many of his boyhood days working at 토토사이트the liquor store. Pool, blackjack, bridge, and an altered form of craps were games he enjoyed playing in his free time when he wasn’t working at the local liquor shop.

One of the free vacations he took advantage of when토토사이트 he was a child was a cruise, during which he and his brother sneaked into the casino on the ship. They could sneak inside, locate a slot machine, insert a quarter, and pull the lever before security noticed them and led them out.


Even though he got in trouble early on, Chris put in a lot of effort in school and graduated first in his class. He received a scholarship to attend the University of Tennessee and completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting there six years after beginning his studies.


Moneymaker secured a position as an accountant for a restaurant chain owned by a friend of his. The couple’s first kid, a daughter named Ashley, was born after he wed his long-time girlfriend Kelly, and the couple had their first child together.

Everything about Moneymaker’s life appeared to follow the standard pattern of progression for a family living in a typical suburban United States.


When you hear someone who goes by the name Money-maker has won millions of dollars via poker tournaments, your first assumption is that the name is a nickname. But the fact is that Chris has always gone by his last name, Moneymaker.

His ancestors were German and bore the surname “Nurmacher.” His family roots are in Germany. They were coin-makers who produced gold and silver coins throughout the period. They decided to go by the name Moneymaker after deciding that they wanted their surname to have a more American feel when they went to the United States.

Chris was used to producing his identification whenever he needed to establish his identity. During the 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP), one of the event managers discovered his last name on the list and speculated that it was either a mistake or a nickname for someone else. When Chris saw the manager coming toward him, he immediately took out his wallet to demonstrate that Moneymaker was, in fact, his genuine identity.

Found that he had more in common with the typical American than he would have wanted, even though his surname was Moneymaker.

Chris had trouble paying off a mound of credit card debt when his daughter was born in early 2003. His annual salary as an accountant was only $40,000, so he struggled to make ends meet.

At that time in Chris’s life, poker was not a big aspect of his existence. Once a week, he would get together with his pals to play a game of poker. And he would also occasionally play poker online through PokerStars. However, the anxiety associated with his mounting credit card debt prevented him from playing further.

Chris frequently competed in two-table games that cost $39 each and participated in some of the $39 events that PokerStars presented. He assumed that because that was his typical game. That was how he had gained a spot in the satellite event because it was so close to his regular game.



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