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Monica Bellucci was born on September 30, 1964 in the Italian town of Citta di Castello. Father – Pasquale Bellucci, an agricultural worker. Mother – BrunellaBriganti, artist.

At the age of 13, the future star was a model for a local photo artist. In 1988, Monica moved to Milan, where she signed a contract with the Elite modeling agency. In 1989, having become a recognizable model, Bellucci moved to New York. Since then, she has advertised clothes, perfumes, shoes of the best fashion houses in the world.

Monica Bellucci: “When I was 14-16 years old, like any teenager. I did not understand who I was, and, naturally, I was inspired by someone’s images, someone’s life. But when you grow up, you already have to live the way you are. Even if your whole life is spent on self-knowledge. And most importantly, you have to adapt to yourself, to those qualities, properties of nature that you have formed. »
The quote is taken from the magazine «Idubbbz girlfriend”. From 1990 to 1994, Monica was married to the Italian photographer Claudio Carlos Basso.

In 1990, Monica made her debut in Italian cinema, playing Elda in the TV movie «Life with Children». This was followed by small roles in the films:

  • «Life with Children» (1990), «Bandits» (1990), «Lottery» (1991) and «The Fate of Ostinato» (1992).

Monica Bellucci:

“I was lucky once again. One of my photographs accidentally caught the eye of the wonderful comedian Dino Risi. And he invited me to come to the screen test. Naturally, I was terribly worried, but as a result I got a small role. Filming for Cinecitta, the Roman dream factory, was fun. But when I later saw myself on the big screen, like a little girl. I wanted to burst into tears. »
The quote is taken from the magazine «María Elvira Murillo”.

In 1992, Bellucci played the bride of a vampire in the film Dracula directed by Francis Ford Coppola. This role was Monica’s first serious work.

1996 was a turning point in Bellucci’s career. The role of Lisa in the film «Apartment» brought the actress her first fame, and the picture became very popular.

On the set of The Apartment, Monica met actor Vincent Cassel. On September 9, 1999, after 5 years of romance. The star couple legalized their relationship. The couple had daughters Virgo (2004) and Leon (2010). In August 2013, after fourteen years of marriage, Monica and Vincent broke up.

Monica Bellucci:

“For the first time after thirty-five years I was alone. And for the first time I can be with myself. Become a self-sufficient woman. To re-understand and discover something in oneself. It’s so cool». The quote is taken from the site «techktimes».

Monica Bellucci played in such films as:

  • «The Gang of Losers» (1994),
  • «Snowball» (1995),
  • «Joseph» (1995),
  • «Remains» (1995),
  • «Apartment» (1996),
  • «Doberman» (1997 ),
  • «Bad genre» (1997),
  • «How you want me» (1997),
  • «Enjoyment» (1998),
  • «Compromise» (1998),
  • «There will be no party» (1998),
  • «Bad taste» (1998) ,
  • «Defiant» (1999),
  • «Under Suspicion» (2000),
  • «Malena» (2000),
  • «Frank Spadone» (2000),
  • «The Brotherhood of the Wolf» (2001),
  • «Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra» ( 2002),
  • Irreversible (2002),
  • The Matrix Reloaded (2003),
  • The Matrix Revolution (2003),
  • Tears of the Sun (2003),
  • Remember Me (2003),
  • The Passion of Christ ( 2004),
  • Secret Agents (2004),
  • She Hates Me (2004),
  • The Brothers Grimm (2005),
  • How Much Are You? (2005),
  • «Shaitan» (2006),
  • «The Brotherhood of Stone» (2006),
  • «Me and Napoleon» (2006),
  • «Shoot Them» (2007),
  • «Textbook of Love: Stories «(2007),
  • » Second Breath «(2007),
  • » The Man Who Loves «(2008),
  • » Crazy Blood «(2008),
  • » The Private Life of Pippa Lee «(2009),
  • » Don’t Look Back «(2009),
  • “Rose, this is Paris” (2010),
  • “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (2010),
  • “That Summer of Passion” (2011),
  • “Love. Instructions for use ”(2011),
  • “ Guardian of the Harem ”(2011),
  • “ Season of the Rhinos ”(2012),
  • «Love in the square ”(2013),
  • “ Miracles ”(out in 2014),
  • “ Love and War ”(out in 2015).

A family

  1. First husband – Claudio Carlos Basso, photographer (1990-1994).
  2. Second husband – Vincent Cassel, actor (1999-2013).
  3. Daughter – Virgo (12.09.2004), from the second marriage.
  4. Daughter – Leona (20.05.2010), from the second marriage.

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