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You compete against people who are o토토사이트f a lower skill level than you. You find the games with the easiest odds. I am aware that my response is not very seductive. Despite this, it is the truth. Consider the implications.

It was Phil Ivey. Daniel Negreanu. Doyle Brunson. They are all very skilled in the game of poker. They frequently compete against one another in games.

However, even though they could improve their abilities by competing against one another, it is highly unlikely that they are making any money. 토토사이트They are simply trading it back and forth, and they are dealing with many variances.

Would you wish to know the key to being successful when playing poker?

They’d make a lot more money if they could find a table full of fish. I’m hoping that they’ll also tell you that.

The professionals are just some of the ones who can play the easy games. Players who gamble for fun should look for games with a low house edge to have a better chance of keeping some of their winnings. And who knows? Maybe they’ll end up winning some of it.

You may locate a simple game anywhere, even on sites that support the infestation. But accomplishing things in that manner would be the more difficult option.

Joining a poker site that offers consistently easy games makes it much simpler to locate these games. If you choose a site from the following list of poker rooms with the easiest games, it will be even simpler for you to choose one.

What are the characteristics shared by soft poker sites?

Should you look for when you want to join a poker site that has a loose atmosphere? What do the poker sites we listed above have in common with one another?

Even while every poker room is unique, most of them share at least some of the characteristics listed here. We will walk you through each one so you can understand why we recommend the websites we do.


The term «overlay» refers to a guaranteed tournament in which the required number of participants has not been reached by the players who have purchased. After that, the difference is covered by the poker room.

Take, for instance, a tournament that has a guarantee of $1,000 in prize money. The buy-in is $110 in addition to the first $100. However, only $100 will go toward the overall prize pool.

If only eight people sign up, then there will only be $800 of the guaranteed $1,000. After that, the poker room is responsible for adding the difference of $200.

This indicates a poker site with loose rules for a few reasons (and a soft tournament).

This tournament is considered easy because instead of competing against 10 individuals to win (with only the top 3 getting paid), you now only have to compete against 8 people to win the same amount of money (with the top 2-3 paid). There is the potential to earn more money with less effort.

Another reason this indicates that the site is soft is that if you look at any large poker club (one with a lot of pros), you’ll see that their tournaments seldom feature overlays. This is a sign that the site is soft. They have an excessive number of people. When a site has that much traffic, you can be sure that it is loaded with professionals; hence, it is a challenging site out there.


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