Top Fun Activities to Do on Your Trip to Mexico


Mexico is one of the most fun and lively places to visit on Earth. Whether you wish to stay outdoors, get a tan on the beach, go sightseeing, hold a food fest party, or simply chill indoors basking in the peaceful vibes of the city, Mexico has got it all!

We would still like to make it easy for you though, so here we are with a list of fun activities to do on your trip to Mexico. Don’t miss out on any of them if you have time!

Have a Taco Party!

Going to Mexico and not eating tacos? It’s like going to Disneyland and not enjoying any of the rides!

As one of the authentic cuisines of Mexico, taco is almost every food lover’s favourite with its varieties of fillings and different spice levels for people who can and cannot handle the heat.

So, make sure you stop by a taco shop/cart as soon as you reach Mexico!

Visit the Pyramids of Teotihuacan

The ancient city of Teotihuacan in Mexico is one of the most popular places of attraction, which hosts around 4 million tourists and visitors in a year. This means that this spot should be on your list when you travel to Mexico.

The Pyramids of Teotihuacan are one of the most aesthetic places where you could climb to its top and take in the view around you. It could be a pretty neat spot to take pictures and update your lousy Instagram account!

Have a Lazy Day Indoors

On days when you don’t feel like doing anything after spending your days travelling, you could chill indoors, order your favourite Mexican food (enchiladas, anyone?), and binge your favourite content on Hulu. You can easily watch Hulu in Mexico, as well as in other regions outside the USA with a VPN.

ould also cook your favourite Mexican food if you enjoy cooking, as there are lots of easy recipes available on the internet for you to explore. You could paint, organise your stuff, or just take a long nap to prepare your body for more adventures in the coming days!

Swim in a Cenote

A cenote is a sinkhole that is created when a cave ceiling collapses, making it one of the best spots in the country to swim in. A lot of people also prefer to go snorkelling or scuba diving in a cenote, making it another popular spot with a high public attraction.

If you are travelling in a group, this could be a great place to play all your favourite water games, including water tag, dodgeball, find-the-ring (or any other object), and much more.

And if you are traveling solo like we love to, it’s time for a quiet dip in the water and splash your troubles away!

Party with the Locals in Guadalajara

People who love partying would love to have the time of their lives in Guadalajara, which is Mexico’s 2nd largest city. The nightlife at Guadalajara is some of the liveliest ones that are known around the city, as well as some remarkable restaurants, clubs, and bars.

These places are the busiest around weekends, as people opt to go there to cut loose and relax after a busy week of work and other responsibilities. So, if you like partying, meeting people, and broadening your circle, we recommend you check out Guadalajara if you ever visit Mexico.

Enjoy the Waves

Beach people, this would be your heaven! The Pacific coast of Mexico is many tourists’ favorite spot to surf. If you’re a pro, this is a chance for you to shine and show off your surfing skills to the locals, and maybe make a friend or two over your mutual love of waves.

If you are not so good at surfing, then don’t worry. As you can still enjoy the waves and maybe get a nice tan sunbathing over the warm sand. Sounds like a great weekend to us, what do you think?

Explore Day of The Dead

Yes, that is exactly how it sounds. In the rest of the world, where death is meant to be a source of grief and misery, it is celebrated in Mexico.

Day of the Dead, or Día de Muertos is a day when people gather around to celebrate their ones’. Deaths in a very festive manner to honour the life which they lived and share their joy in celebrating their journey in the next or afterlife.

People decorate the graves and even have a small grave at the graveyard. Crazy, isn’t it? Well, that’s Mexico for you. If you like adventurous things, drop by at a Day of the Dead party someday.

Final Thoughts

So, we hope that we helped you enough to make a list of all the fun things that you would do when you would travel to Mexico. Have fun!


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