What’s Banquette Seating?

Banquette seating

Banquette seating has been gaining popularity in the last few years, as houses have been more relaxed. What exactly is banquette seating? Find out in this article…

Banquette seating refers to benches built into dining areas. While Banquetas Novaiso and booths have always been a relaxing dining option, however, they have moved into the residential space and are now appearing in family rooms and kitchens all over. The built-in benches allow homeowners to increase their dining space in the kitchen and reduce the size of the area, which makes them perfect for tight spaces. Since you don’t have room to move behind the seats on the different sides of the table, it permits the user to put the dining table in an area that might be too full with a standalone set of tables and chairs.

Banquette seating


Banquettes can be transformed into a breakfast nook in the corner, as in the image above, and be designed with a bench sitting only on the edge of the table, as illustrated below. Most bench seats are cushioned for the best comfort; however, often, just a basic seat cushion is all that’s needed. Though eat-in kitchens are usually where there are benches, however, these small spaces can be useful in bars or family rooms with a food area required. If you don’t think a built-in bench will be a good fit for your home, You can also make the banquette by using furniture like the banquette benches that are modular from Ballard Designs.:

Apart from being comfortable and efficient in terms of space, banquettes have an additional benefit. The benches can be made with tops that lift or drawers that can be used to store other items, an enormous advantage in small kitchens.

Banquette seating

If you’re considering banquette seating for your house, take into consideration two suggestions. The first is to consider the placement of any light or chandelier fixture above the table; you might need to relocate it when you move the seating area towards the corner or closer to the wall. You can contact an electrician for this job or attach a hook to the ceiling and move the light to the correct spot.

Also, make sure you select your dining table with care. A table with a pedestal or trestle is ideal, as guests will be slipping through the bench to sit down at the table. Tables that have legs on each corner create a more challenging situation. Also, you’ll want to ensure that your table can allow people to move into or out of their bench without difficulty. If you select a too big table, there may not be enough room for people to get inside and out effortlessly. This is especially true when the bench is set in a corner or another space. The design of the table’s shape is important. Rectangular or oval tables work well in certain instances, but square or round tables are suitable for others.



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